2021-2022 Impact Report

Thank you for your commitment to FCDS! Your generosity positively impacts every area of our school and provides tremendous support to our students and teachers. Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission as we continue to prepare students for what's ahead.
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List of 7 items.

  • Founder's Club - $20,000+

    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Allison, IV
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beach
    Mr. and Mrs. John W. Burress, III
    Carolinas Fertility Institute, PA
    Mr. and Mrs. Doug Constable
    Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Dew
    Mr. and Mrs. Brendan C. Dugan
    FCDS Fury Club
    The Edward E. Ford Foundation
    GBG Financial Services
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Ickes
    Mr. and Mrs. W. Alexander Mitchell, III
    Mr. and Mrs. T. David Neill
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Niblock
    Dr. David Werle and Ms. Margaret Pike
    Mrs. Elizabeth Quick
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schindler
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sloan
    Mr. and Mrs. William T. Tessien
    Mr. and Mrs. Brad S. Tilley
    Mr. and Mrs. David G. Townsend
    Truist Contributions Committee
    Dr. T. Yalcinkaya and Dr. H. Mertz
  • Head's Table - $10,000+

    Mr. and Mrs. Filippo Berti
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Brown
    Mr. Andrew T. Brown
    Mr. George Brown
    Mrs. Rebecca Calderon
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Cawood
    Mrs. Beverly Cook
    Mr. and Mrs. Claudio De Castro
    Mr. A. Duarte and Mrs. P. Dos Santos
    Foothills Brewing
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Goodson
    Mrs. Adrienne Hermes
    Hermes Family Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Craig Lyerly
    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew V. Masten
    Springboard Manufacturing
    Stone Basyx
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Whicker
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Williams
  • Trustees' Circle - $5,000+

    Allergy Partners of the Piedmont
    Drs. Anthony and Katherine Atala
    Mr. Gardner E. Barrier
    Mr. and Mrs. Nathan E. Battle
    Mr. C. Beechler and Mrs. A. Tomberlin
    Mr. and Mrs. Bradford P. Breitling
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce T. Brown
    Certus Psychiatry and Integrated Care
    Mr. and Mrs. Todd H. Chase
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Clifton
    Mr. and Mrs. Keary J. Didier
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dunnagan
    Edward Jones
    Dr. Kyle Fargen & Ms. Christine Lin
    Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Graves
    Infinity Insurance Group
    Mr. and Mrs. Stan C. Jewell
    Mr. and Mrs. Thad Jones
    King Latham Law, PLLC
    Mr. F. Lammel and Dr. G. Knebl Kohl
    Mr. and Mrs. William Latham
    Mrs. and Mrs. Barry Lyerly
    Dr. and Mrs. Chris Madden
    Mariam and Robert Hayes Charitable Trust
    Dr. S. McNatt and Dr. M. Howard-McNatt
    Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Patterson
    Mr. Hunter Ryan Peterson
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Quick
    Rev. and Mrs. James S. Sharpe
    Dr. Al Shih and Dr. Susie Hoffmann
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip Shugart
    Drs. Sindram
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Beechler
    Truist Foundation
    Dr. and Mrs. Jaime E. Trujillo
    Mr. Gabe and Dr. Tammie Wiley
    Mrs. Linda Williams
    Winston-Salem Pediatrics
  • Scholars' Circle - $2,500+

    Mr. and Mrs. T. Stewart Beason
    Bermuda Run Country Club
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Boyles
    Mr. and Mrs. Randell A. Cain Jr.
    Carolina Rockies
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Clegg, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. W. Andy Clifton
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert Cowan
    Mr. and Mrs. George Dunn
    Freedman, Thompson, Witt, Ceberio, & Byrd, PLLC
    Grace Tisdale & Clifton, PA
    Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Greenwood
    Mr. and Ms. Aaron Gwinner
    Handy and Handy Orthodontics
    Mr. Brad and Dr. Michelle Klosterman
    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Kurtz
    Mr. and Mrs. Jon B. Kurtz
    Mr. David Marsh and Dr. Kate Lambert
    Mr. and Mrs. William Landwehr
    Mr. Stu Miller, Jr.
    Mr. F. Mountcastle, III & Ms. J. Mountcastle
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregg B. Nicks
    Dr. and Mrs. R.B. Outland, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Rick Pfefferkorn
    Mr. and Mrs. R. Crawford Pike
    Mr. and Mrs. Kristopher Pinnow
    Red Clay Gourmet
    Reynolds American Foundation Matching Donations
    Santo Investments
    Mr. and Mrs. Lance W. Sawyer, II
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Scott
    Slate Marketing, Inc.
    Smith & Shehan Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
    Dr. Allen Smith & Dr. Romi Farber
    Drs. M. L. Sorescu and I. M. Apoltan
    Spangler, Lambert, and Lipp DDS Pediatric Dentist
    The Coffee Mill
    Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Thompson
    Mr. and Mrs. Ken Tisdale, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Trulove
    USA Prime
    Mr. and Mrs. Mel Williams
  • Honor Roll Circle - $1970+

    Dr. Zeynab and Dr. Nizar Badreddine
    Mr. and Mrs. Norris T. Baker
    Dr. Christopher and Dr. Nermin Ballinger
    Miss Athanasia A. Ballas
    Baseball Positive
    Mr. Chase Beason
    Ms. Sydney G. Beason
    Mr. Parker Beck
    Ms. Alexa B. Breitling
    Mr. William P. Breitling
    Mr. Spencer Breeden
    Ms. Olivia I. Cain
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Calderon
    Mr. W. Speight Carr
    Ms. Lillian T. Chase
    Mr. Phillip M. Clifton , II
    Mr. Seth Constable
    Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Cooper
    Mr. and Mrs. Aaron T. Craven
    Mr. Jackson M. Cruitt
    Mr. Joseph D. W. Curran
    Miss Avery S. Dew
    Mr. Jackson T. Dew
    Ms. Meredith A. Dockery
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Downing
    Ms. Kerry Eagan
    Mr. Jimmie Ellis and Mrs. Misty Burr
    Ms. Nicole M. Ellis
    Mr. Noble T. Ellis
    Ms. Noel S. Ellis
    Mrs. Lynne B. Emken
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Faraci
    Ms. Tatum Fishel
    Mr. Garrett L. Flinchum
    Mr. Jesse J. Gargis, II
    Dr. and Mrs. James Gould
    Mr. Daniel M. Gray
    Mr. Steven Haderer
    Mr. Tyler Hartley
    Mr. Carver A. K. Hiatt
    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Holcomb
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Howell
    Dr. F. Iancu and Dr. O. Jurchescu
    Mr. and Mrs. Alaric Inzko
    Mr. Brooks C. Jarrett
    Mr. Jacob G. Jung
    Mr. Roby J. Kilby
    Mr. Samuel M. Kilby
    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kohlrus
    K-Rippsaw NC LLC
    Mr. and Mrs. Bradley W. Long
    Mr. and Mrs. John Lynch
    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan K. Mack
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Matney
    Mr. E. McBride and Dr. A. McBride
    Mr. and Mrs. Brandon McQuilkin
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Merkel Jr
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Michalek
    Mr. Benjamin W. Mitchell
    Mr. William Mitchell , IV
    Mr. Zachary T. Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy, Jr.
    Dr. and Mrs. William B. Newton , III
    Mr. Willoughby Newton, IV
    Mr. Matthew J. Nichols
    Ms. Elizabeth Ogburn
    Mr. Jacob H. Parker
    Ms. Victoria A. Parker
    Ms. Beth Perry
    Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Perry
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Pohjola
    Mr. Spencer Powell
    Mr. and Mrs. Mauricio Prieto
    Mr. Marcus Reynolds
    Ms. Hannah M. Reid
    Mr. and Mrs. David L. Ritchie , III
    Ms. Sahar A. Sayess
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Scarborough
    Ms. Carrie M. Semke
    Mr. Artie Shaw
    Mr. Robert Showfety , III
    Ms. Perrin G. Shuler
    Mr. and Ms. Derrek Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Snow
    Mr. Daniel L. Snyder
    Mr. and Mrs. David L. Snyder
    Mr. Charles W. Spittler
    Dr. and Mrs. James Starman
    Mr. and Mrs. David T. Stauffer
    Dr. Scott T. Steffen
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason P. Stern
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Stinehelfer
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Hill Stockton
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stuart
    Mr. Michael Swinson
    Mr. Alexander Thorup
    Mr. and Mrs. John Vining Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wagoner
    Mr. and Mrs. Ben Walker
    Mr. James Westbrook
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Westwood
    Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Winter
    Mr. Keith Wood
  • Forsyth Circle - $500+

    Allegacy Federal Credit Union
    Amazon Smile Foundation
    American National Bank and Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Brett Andrews
    Dr. and Mrs. Khosrow Bahrani
    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Bailor
    Ms. Heather R. Barrier
    Mr. and Mrs. T. Eugene Barrier
    Mrs. Melvin V. Barrineau
    Dr. and Mrs. Edward S. Beason
    Benevity Community Impact Fund
    Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Bingham
    BRE Consulting
    Breeden Insurance Services
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Brendle
    Drs. G. Brinkley and U. J. Kim
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Brown, Jr.
    Buckeye Advisor
    Buie's Market
    Mrs. Randi Bullard
    Ms. Kristy J. Bumgarner
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott K. Burger
    Dr. and Mrs. Henry W. Burnett
    Mr. D. Tyler Burr
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carlsen
    Mr. Patrick Caty & Mrs. Sonia Lemieux
    Mr. Nokomis Gregory and Dr. Chere Chase-Gregory
    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cheek
    Dr. and Mrs. David S. Chermak
    Chick-fil-A at Peacehaven
    Drs. Edward and Dawn Chung
    Mr. James R. Clark
    Clean Air Environmental, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Cooper
    Mr. T. Croitor and Mrs. J. Santiago
    Drs. Jonathan and Corey Cuthrell
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Danforth
    Mr. Paul Daniel
    Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Daves
    Mr. R. Delgado and Ms. G. Baca
    Mr. and Mrs. John Dillion, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Divelbiss
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Donnell
    Dr. M. Drucker and Dr. E. Jaschik
    Mr. and Mrs. David Eagan
    Mrs. Mary Eagan
    Mr. and Mrs. John M. Eagleson
    Elegant Esembles
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronny Eller
    Dr. and Mrs. Ali Farahnakian
    FCDS Parents' Association
    Mrs. Marie Foncilus Charles
    Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Forest
    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Fox
    Mr. and Mrs. Denny Franklin
    Dr. and Mrs. James Gould
    Mr. and Mrs. Bowman Gray, IV
    Mr. Chad D. Greene
    Mr. N. Gregory and Dr. C. Chase-Gregory
    Mr. and Mrs. Evan Gutshall
    Mr. and Mrs. Matt Gymer
    Mr. Freddie Hall and Dr. Andora Bass
    Dr. and Mrs. Oliver James Hart, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. David Hedrick
    Mr. Sam Hellebush
    Ms. Caroline M. Herbst
    Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Herbst
    Mr. and Mrs. Murray M. Hewell
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hopkinson
    Mr. and Mrs. Vance L. Horner, II
    Dr. and Mrs. Ali Jarrahi
    Ms. Whitney Jellar
    Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dell H. Jennings
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jewell
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jordan
    Dr. and Mrs. Seth Kaplan
    Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Kazakos
    Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kelly
    Mrs. K. King and Mr. R. Cole
    Mr. and Mrs. Brent Kirby
    Ms. Judith Kuhn
    Dr. A. Lata and Dr. E. Stein Lata
    Dr. and Mrs. George Lawson, III
    Mrs. Jing Li
    Mr. Xiaofeng Li
    Mr. Eric Maguire & Dr. Loreal Maguire
    Mr. Carter Malmo
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Malmo
    Mr. Turner M. Malmo
    Mr. Tirso Martinez
    Mr. and Mrs. Doug Marvin
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Mccann
    Dr. and Mrs. Ryan McKimmie
    Drs. Vance and Tina Merhoff
    Tina S. Merhoff, DDS, PA
    Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Mitchell
    Mr. and Mrs. Mack Moore
    Dr. Susan Moore & Mr. Zack Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Morris
    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Moseley
    Dr. Dennis A. Moser
    Dr. and Mrs. Robb Mothershed
    Dr. and Mrs. David L. Mount
    Ms. Elizabeth Myers and Mr. Tirso Martinez
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Myers
    Nance Homes LLC
    Mr. R. Noll and Mrs. N. Jensen-Noll
    Novant Health
    Dr. and Mrs. Emidio M. Novembre
    Dr. and Mrs. Liston A. Orr
    Dr. and Mrs. Scott Otallah
    P3-Precision Paint and Pressure Washing
    Ms. Amelia Patton
    Dr. and Mrs. John Patton
    Mr. and Mrs. Keith G. Pemberton
    Dr. James Perumpillichira & Ms. Anu Alapatt
    Mr. Joseph Pierce
    Mr. Michael Powell
    Premium 2000 (National Truck Protection)
    Mr. and Mrs. H. Christopher Ramm
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Reavis
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Reed
    Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Reed
    Mrs. Eva Marie P. Restel
    Mr. and Mrs. Todd Restel
    Mr. and Mrs. Noah Reynolds
    Dr. P. Reynolds and Dr. S. Kalathoor
    Mr. and Mrs. Sandro Ribeiro
    Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Rickabaugh
    Mr. and Mrs. Pat Rimron
    Ms. Kathryn Roberts
    Dr. and Dr. Nicolas Robinson
    Mr. Tanner Robinson
    Mrs. Doris Ruedin
    Ms. Pamela Runnels
    Mr. S. Naset and Mrs. S. Saintsing Naset
    Dr. and Mrs. David Saliba
    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Scarritt
    Mr. and Mrs. William E. Scheu
    Mr. and Mrs. David W. Schomberg, Jr.
    Dr. and Mrs. Scott Segal
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Semke
    Mr. Jefferson Shaw
    Mr. and Mrs. Soven Shrivastav
    Dr. A. Silwal and Mrs. P. Silwal
    Mr. and Mrs. Deepak Singh
    Mr. and Dr. Daniel R. Smelcer
    Mr. and Mrs. Alden Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. Dan Stempkowski
    Mr. and Mrs. David Stockton
    Ms. Tracy Stoltz
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Strauch
    Mr. Jason Sutherland
    Mr. and Mrs. David Thompson
    Ms. Joan Tilley
    Mr. and Mrs. Adin Trbonja
    Mr. and Ms. Tony Truong
    Mr. and Mrs. David C. Twine
    Ms. Alexandra Wannenburg
    Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Warner
    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Wilson
    Mr. and Mrs. Josh Wisenbaker
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wood
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wood
    Dr. and Mrs. Lindsay C. Yancey
    Mrs. Mary Preston Yates
    Mr. and Mrs. Thom Young
  • Supporter - under $500

    Mrs. Michelle Allen
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Allred
    Mr. Brian Anderson
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Andrews
    Ms. Cynthia Angell
    Mr. and Mrs. Spencer T. Angell
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Atkins
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Aycock
    Mr. Max and Dr. Ashley Ayuso
    Drs. R. Badreddine and N. Abou Zeid
    Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Baird
    Drs. Baker
    Ms. Rachel Baker
    Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Ballas
    Bank of America Charitable Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bannigan
    Miss Maya R. Barrier
    Miss Olivia R. Barrier
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barrier
    Ms. Reese M. Battle
    Dr. and Mrs. Alan H. Baydush
    Ms. Lindsay E. Beach
    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Bean
    Mr. and Mrs. David Beason
    Mr. Tanner Beason
    Mrs. Bunny Beilman
    Ms. Courtney Bell
    Mr. Preston Bell
    Ms. Martha Benbow
    Mr. and Mrs. Graham F. Bennett
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bialas
    Big G Box Tops for Education
    Mr. and Ms. Kurt Birkins
    Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bishop
    Mr. Sam Bishop
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Blake
    Mr. and Ms. Troy M. Blamer
    Mr. B. Bloodworth and Dr. L. Bloodworth
    Mrs. Dorothy M. Bloodworth
    Ms. Stacy Bodek
    Ms. Rachel Boger
    Mr. David Bohle
    Dr. and Mrs. Karl Bolstad
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Booke
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Boone
    Mrs. Mary Rea Bouchard
    Mr. William Bowman
    Mrs. Victoria L. Boysen
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Braden
    Mr. and Mrs. W. Mark Breeden
    Ms. Katie Brewer
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Brewer
    Ms. Alie Brinegar
    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Brockschmidt
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Brookby
    Ms. Katharine Brown
    Mr. Graham Bruce
    Dr. and Ms. Nelson C. Brunsting
    Ms. Emma Burke
    Ms. Mirielle Burke
    Dr. and Ms. Paul Burke
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Burke
    Mr. Matthew Burkhead
    Mr. Steven Burkhead
    Mr. Wesley Butler
    Ms. Monica R. Byrd
    Ms. Danielle Callahan
    Ms. Meghan Campbell
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Cappel
    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Cappel
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cardenas
    Mr. H. Dreier Carr
    Mrs. Anna Carr-Reinhard
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Carruthers
    Mr. T. Carter and Mrs. S. Oxendine-Carter
    Ms. Lindsey Cato
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cavanaugh Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. James A. Cavenaugh, III
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Chance
    Mr. and Mrs. Garret C. Chandler
    Dr. and Mrs. Simon W. Chao
    Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Charles Sr.
    Mr. Adam Chase
    Ms. Kylie Chase
    Ms. Courtney Chostner
    Ms. Kim Chrysson
    Mr. David Clanton
    Ms. Kathryn Clark
    Mr. and Mrs. Brad Clark
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Clark
    Mr. Ross Clark
    Ms. Laura Clay
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Claybrook
    Miss Anna M. Clifton
    Mrs. Carolyn Clifton
    Miss Sarah G. Clifton
    Ms. Nicole Cline
    CME Group Community Foundation
    Ms. April Cochrane
    Mr. Stabler Cochrane
    Ms. Lee Ann Coe
    Mrs. Anne Combs
    Mrs. Casey Combs
    Drs. Constantacos
    Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Cooper , II
    Mr. and Mrs. Joel Cordray
    Mr. Jonathan Cort & Dr. Jillian Cort
    Mr. and Mrs. Brad Cosby
    Mr. David S. Craig
    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Craps
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Craven
    Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Crawford
    Dr. McNeil and Dr. Kelly Cronin
    Mrs. Kathryn Cross
    Ms. Catie Cunningham
    Mr. J. Curley and Dr. M. O'Neill
    Ms. Virginia G. Currie
    Mr. Niland Daly
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason Davis
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dempster, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Andre Denischuck
    Mr. Raksha Desai
    Ms. Laura Diblasio
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Diblasio
    Mr. and Mrs. Troy C. Dibley
    Ms. Riley Didier
    Mr. John Dillon, III
    Mr. John J. Dillon Sr
    Ms. Martha Dillon
    Ms. Beverly Dinkins
    Mr. Caleb R. Divelbiss
    Mr. Michael A. Dobias
    Mr. and Mrs. Ruairi J. Dolan
    Mrs. Ashley Doughton
    Ms. Dolly Dudley
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Duffy
    Duke Energy Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dunn
    Ms. Lolade Durotoye
    Ms. Kelly Eisenbraun
    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Eller
    Mrs. Michel B. Ellis
    Miss Natalie S. Ellis
    Mr. and Mrs. Doug Esleeck
    Ms. Grier Esleeck
    Mr. and Mrs. Greg Evans
    Mrs. Caitlin Eversmann
    Mr. William Eversmann
    Dr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Fadeyi
    Mr. Nathan J. Faulk
    Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Faulkner
    Mr. Razan J. Fayez
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason Felten
    Mr. Edward Fey
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Field
    Ms. Amy Figley
    Dr. and Mrs. Clark Files
    Mr. and Mrs. John Fitzsimmons
    Mr. and Ms. Tobias Flattery
    Mr. and Mrs. Justin Flora
    Mr. and Mrs. Derek Foor
    Mr. Matthew Foster
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Foust
    Ms. Eleanor J. Fowler
    Miss Grace A. Fowler
    Mrs. Kimberly R. Fowler
    Mr. and Mrs. Doyle E. Freeman
    Mrs. Carey French
    Mr. and Mrs. Dirk French
    Mr. and Mrs. Robin French
    Dr. Adam and Dr. Jackie Friedman
    Dr. and Mrs. Roland Friedman
    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. Friel
    Mrs. and Dr. Soni Fulp
    Ms. Elizabeth Fulton
    Ms. Carrie Fulton
    Mr. Evan Fultz
    Mr. Scott Gallisdorfer
    Ms. Malinda Gallup
    Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Gardner
    Mrs. Joyce Gardner
    Mr. James N. Gargis
    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Gendrachi
    Mr. and Mrs. Destri Gibbs
    Mrs. Lisa Gibson
    Mr. Michael Gilstrap
    Mr. and Mrs. Nathan C. Givens
    Ms. Jacqueline M. Goble
    Mr. Tyler P. Goff & Dr., Natalie Bradford
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Goldstein
    Mr. Raymond Goodrich & Dr. Stacee Goodrich
    Mr. Amogh Gorantla
    Mr. and Mrs. Quinten Gordon
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gornik
    Mr. and Mrs. Correy Gristchuk
    Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Guardo
    Mr. and Mrs. Luis A. Guedes Urdaneta
    Guggenheim Partners, LLC
    Mr. and Mrs. David Gwyn
    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Haas
    Mrs. Caroline Hagood
    Mr. Karl O. Haigler
    Mr. Gary Haley
    Mr. John H. Hall, Sr.
    Mr. Mark and Mrs. Nadine Hall
    Mr. Jeff Hammer and Dr. Nicole Gonzales
    Mr. and Mrs. Sidney B. Hanes
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hardy, III
    Mr. Tim Harper
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Harrell
    Mr. and Mrs. Lance Harrington
    Ms. Abbey Harris
    Mr. Jay Harris
    Harris Teeter, LLC
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hart
    Ms. Nancy E. Hart
    Dr. and Mrs. Oliver Hart, III
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Hartley
    Mr. and Mrs. William A. Harvey, Jr.
    Ms. Brenda S. Hedgecock
    Mrs. Erin W. Heeringa
    Mr. Marc Heinecke
    Ms. Hannah Hellebush
    Mr. and Mrs. James Helvey
    Mrs. Catherine Henry
    Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Herman
    Dr. and Mrs. Hermes X. Hernandez
    Mr. John Hewell
    Ms. Michelle Hiatt
    Mr. Terry Hicks
    Ms. K. Higgins and Mr. M. Giannini
    Mrs. Kari Hill
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Hinckley
    Rev. and Mrs. Robert Hinman
    Ms. Abigail Hoffman
    Ms. Jordan Holbrook
    Mr. Henderson S. Holder
    Mr. and Mrs. Leon Holmes
    Mr. and Ms. Rj Hooker
    Mr. Max Perkins and Mrs. Cameron Howard
    Ms. Julia Howland-Myers
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hsu
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hsu
    Ms. Jennifer Huebner
    Ms. Alexia Hunt
    Ms. Debna Hunt
    Mr. James Hunt
    Mrs. Joanna Huskey
    Mr. Christopher Hutchins
    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Imboden
    Dr. G. Insuasti and Dr. A. Mena Gutierrez
    Ms. Denise Iouizos
    Mr. and Mrs. Alexey Isaev
    Mr. and Mrs. Luke Jackson
    Ms. Staci Jackson
    Ms. Sheniquie Jacobs
    Mr. Paul James, III
    Ms. Laura Janke
    Ms. Linda Jenkins
    Mr. and Mrs. William D. Jennings, Sr.
    Mr. Oliver P. Jewell
    Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Jewett
    Ms. Annie Jin
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Johnson
    Ms. Kelly N. Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson
    Mr. W. Johnson, III and Mrs. S. Sparks
    Mr. Bryan Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Jones
    Isabelle C. Jones
    Dr. and Mrs. Jason Jones
    Ms. Joan Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Ozie Jones
    Jong K. Byun, DDS
    Drs. Journell
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kaplan
    Ms. Mackenzie R. Kaplan
    Mrs. Sarah Kaplan
    Drs. Karabelas
    Ms. Kalen Karahalios
    Dr. and Mrs. Ben Keating
    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan T. Keating
    Mr. Kristopher Keiser Jr
    Mr. Mark E. Kelly
    Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Kilby
    Mr. John Kildahl
    Mr. and Mrs. Tross T. Kimmer, Jr.
    Mr. Alexander King
    Mr. Brad King
    Ms. Kay King
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Kirchhoff
    Mr. and Mrs. Shad Kirley
    Mr. and Mrs. Brad Kniejski
    Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Kolbe
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason Kon
    Mrs. Laura Kon & Mr. Daniel Gertner
    Mrs. Donna Lagasse
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Lambert, Jr.
    Dr. and Mrs. Kip Larson
    Mr. Robert Lassiter, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lawrence
    Mr. and Mrs. George Lawson Jr.
    Ms. Coty Lee
    Mr. and Mrs. Javon Lee
    Ms. Shelly Leighton
    Mrs. Hannah Levering
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Liberatore
    Mr. and Mrs. Greg Linkous
    LKG Partners, LLC
    Mr. and Ms. Benjamin Loebner
    Mrs. Julie Long
    Mr. Lawrence Long, III
    Mr. and Mrs. Juan M. Lopez
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrés S. Lorenzo
    Mr. and Mrs. Tad Lowdermilk, II
    Lowes Foods
    Mr. and Mrs. John Lowrey
    Mr. P. Lowrey and Ms. D. Jones-Lowrey
    Dr. and Mrs. Paul Lucha Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Todd Lynch
    Mr. and Mrs. Greg Machamer
    Mr. Brandon W. Mack
    Mr. Jason H. Mack
    Mr. and Mrs. Blake L. MacKeen
    Make Life Rosie Club - FCDS High School
    Mr. Marko Mandalinic
    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Mann, Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Manna
    Marsh & McLennan Companies
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Martin
    Mr. Trent Wall and Mrs. Megan Martin-Wall
    Mr. and Mrs. Ted Y. Matney
    Mr. Patrick I. McBride
    Dr. and Mrs. Jordan McBroom
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCann
    Ms. Yolanda McClure
    Mr. and Mrs. Adam McCormick
    Drs. Joshua and Jessica McDuffie
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McGowan
    Ms. Rebecca R. McKee
    Ms. Kelly McMurray
    Dr. and Mrs. John McMurtry
    Mr. John McNames
    Mr. and Mrs. Alan McNeely
    Mrs. Tina McSwain
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Meister Berger
    Mrs. Chasity Merrell
    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Metzler
    Mr. and Mrs. William Meyers
    Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Michael
    Mrs. Catherine J. Miller
    Ms. Heather Miller
    Mr. and Mrs. Robin K. Miller
    Mrs. Marilyn Minford
    Mr. Eric Mitchell
    MM&BD,LLC dba Kona Ice of Kernesville
    Mr. J. Hart and Dr. K. Montez
    Mr. and Mrs. E. Glenn Moore, III
    Mr. Harold Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moore
    Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Morath
    Mrs. Jane H. Morgan
    Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Morrison
    Mr. Chase Morten
    Mr. William Morten, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Morton, III
    Ms. Ann Parke Muller
    Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew F. Munnelly
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Munnelly
    Dr. and Mrs. James Murphy
    Mr. and Mrs. Matt Nance
    Ms. Heather Nardone
    Mrs. Jill A. Neely
    Ms. Lydia Neill
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Newbauer
    Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Newbauer
    Mr. Alexander Niblock
    Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Nichols
    Dr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Nichols
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Nicolay
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Nixon
    Mr. and Mrs. Otis Northington
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Nugent
    Ms. Donna Oldham
    Ms. Maria Teresa Ortiz-Thompson
    Ms. Elizabeth Ottenjohn
    Mr. and Mrs. E. Wright Outland
    Ms. Shannon Overby
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Owens
    Mr. Clayton H. Oxford
    Ms. Patricia L. Oxford
    Dr. Diego Pabon & Ms. Giselle Melendez
    Mr. and Mrs. D. Chris Parker
    Ms. Elizabeth Parker
    Mr. Aaron Parks
    Ms. Meredith Parman
    Miss Ashley H. Parsons
    Mr. Daniel Pass & Dr. Cameron Golden
    Dr. and Mrs. Will Pearsall
    Mr. and Mrs. Russell Perry
    Mrs. Robin Petruzzi
    Mrs. Kristin W. Philpott
    Mr. S. Pierce and Mrs. S. Ferguson
    Mr. James Pike
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Pinnow
    Mr. Dixon Pitt
    Ms. Grace Pittman
    Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Pitts
    CMSgt. and Mrs. Skip Pletcher
    Mr. and Mrs. Don Pocock
    Dr. and Mrs. Donald Pocock
    Ms. Elizabeth Poehling
    Mr. Davidson Pollock
    Mr. Garrison Pollock
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Porter, Sr.
    Ms. Hailey Post
    Ms. Casey Proctor
    Ms. Margaret Proegler
    Mr. Benjamin Pulliam
    Quality Oil Company
    Mr. and Mrs. Fayaz Qureshi
    Mr. and Mrs. Julian Rand, III
    Mrs. Mary Scott Rawlins
    Mr. Oliver Read, V
    Ms. Acacia M. Real
    Mr. Douglas Redman
    Mr. Donald Reece
    Mr. George W. Reece
    Mr. and Mrs. John Reece, III
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Reece
    Mr. and Mrs. Howard R. Reece
    Mr. Winston Reece
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Reid
    Ms. Susan Dew Reid
    Dr. and Mrs. Buddy Reynolds
    Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Reynolds
    Mr. Colby H. Ring
    Mrs. Kristen D. Ring
    Mr. Reilly J. Ring
    Ms. Samantha J. Ring
    Drs. Jason and Susanna Ringeman
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Robb
    Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Roberts
    Mr. Charles Roediger, III
    Dr. Laurian Roediger
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Rogers
    Mr. and Mrs. Olof Rostlund
    Dr. Dina Rovere
    Mr. Jonathan Rubinstein
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald S. Sadowski
    Mr. and Mrs. Juan Salazar Capote
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason R. Sanders
    Mr. Patrick Schell &
    Ms. Caroline E. Schipke
    Mr. and Mrs. M. Mark Schipke
    Ms. Mary Kathryn Schipke
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Schipke
    Mr. and Mrs. Mitchel Schlesinger
    Mrs. Returi Schossow
    Mr. Cyrus Schroeder
    Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Schultz
    Mr. and Mrs. William Schultz
    Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Schwartz
    Mr. and Mrs. Jason Schymanski
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. Scott
    Mr. William C. Scott
    Mr. and Mrs. James Shaffner
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Sharar
    Ms. Brittany Shaver
    Mr. Robert A. Shaver
    Ms. Sydney Shaw
    Ms. Adair Sheppard
    Dr. and Mrs. John S. Shields
    Mr. and Mrs. John Shilt
    Dr. and Mrs. James A. Shivers
    Mrs. Megan Shoaf & Mr. Chris True
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Shoaf
    Mrs. and Mr. Taylor Simmons
    Dr. Marko Simo
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Simos
    Ms. Alexandra Slentz
    Jayson J. Sloan
    Mr. and Mrs. William D. Smelcer
    Mr. and Mrs. Bradley H. Smith
    Rev. and Mrs. David E. Smith Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Smith
    Dr. Nick Smith and Ms. Felicia Carey
    Mr. and Mrs. Art Solomon
    Ms. Meredith Spaid
    Rev. and Mrs. David G. Speakman
    Ms. Mary Gray Speakman
    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Spear
    Mr. and Mrs. Ron Spivey
    Drs. William and Debra Sponholtz
    Mr. Charles Spry
    Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Stallworth
    Ms. Madeline Stambaugh
    Ms. Heidi A. Steffen
    Dr. and Mrs. Jason M. Steinbicker
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Steppe
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stettler
    Ms. Lauren M. Stevenson
    Ms. Haley L. Stock
    Ms. Elizabeth Stockton
    Ms. M. Kaythrn Stockton
    Mr. Richard H. Stockton
    Ms. Wendy Stockton
    Ms. Lara-Anne Stokes
    Ms. Rebecca Stone
    Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Stuart JD, PhD
    Dr. and Mrs. John B. Stubblefield
    Mr. and Mrs. T. Steve Sudler
    Dr. and Dr. Erik Summers
    Mr. and Mrs. Alton Sutter
    Dr. and Mrs. Cameron Sutton
    Dr. and Mrs. Scott Sutton
    Mr. Jeff Swaim and Mrs. Nicole Rea
    Mr. James R. Swansbrough
    Ms. Mary Ogburn Swinson
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Szvetitz, IV
    Mr. and Mrs. Brad Tate
    TE Connectivity Matching Gift Program
    Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Teague
    Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Tegeler
    Drs. Thomas and Leah Templeton
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Teuschler
    Mr. and Mrs. Eric Tevault
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Thompson
    Mr. and Mrs. Ryan S. Thompson
    Mr. and Mrs. Don W. Thorup, III
    Mr. Carter Throneburg
    Mr. Nolan D. Tickle
    Mr. Jacob Todd
    Mr. D. Gray Townsend, Jr.
    Ms. Mary Townsend
    Ms. Reilly Townsend
    Mr. Thatcher L. Townsend, IV
    Trane Technologies
    Mr. A. Bielsten and Dr. A. Trawinski
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Trotter
    Mrs. Annie Troxell
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Tucker
    Mr. and Ms. Jay Turner
    Miss Meghan E. Turner
    Mr. and Mrs. David Tuxhorn, Jr.
    Miss Jozanne L. Unal
    Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Uphoff
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Utzinger
    VA Association of Independent Schools
    Mr. and Mrs. James Vail
    Dr. and Mrs. Mark Vail
    Mr. and Mrs. James Vance
    Ms. Margaret Vance
    Mr. and Mrs. Travis Vansweden
    Ms. Kendall Vaughn
    Ms. Patricia Vaughn
    Mr. N. Vinukonda and Mrs. D. Poranki
    Ms. Chandler Vogler
    Charlotte Vogler
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Vogler
    Mr. and Mrs. Trent Wall
    Mr. Tyler Walley
    Mr. and Ms. Rock Wang
    Mr. and Mrs. N. Nathan Ward
    Ms. Rachel Warner
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. S. Waugh, Jr.
    Mrs. Katherine M. Wean
    Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Whalen
    Ryan D. Whalen
    Dr. Megan P. White
    Mr. Will Whitehurst, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Matt Whitley
    Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wild
    Mr. and Mrs. Lynwood Williams, III
    Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Williams
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Williams, Jr.
    Mr. Harry Windsor
    Mr. and Mrs. Ben Winikoff
    Dr. James Winslow & Dr. Stacie Zelman
    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Wooten
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wright
    Wright Service, Inc.
    Mr. Edwin Y. Xiao
    Mr. and Mrs. John Yacobozzi
    Mr. and Mrs. William Yarbrough
    Mr. and Mrs. Preston C. Yates
    Mrs. Lindsay Zachodzki
    Ms. Tracey Zaidi
    Mrs. Rebecca Zayas
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Zecopoulos
    Mr. Yihao Zhou
    Mr. and Ms. Blake J. Zobrist
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zoubek
    Dr. Heidi Zvolensky & Mr. Joseph P. Bouley

This Impact Report includes all donations received by Forsyth Country Day School between July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2022. Although every attempt is made to ensure accuracy, errors do occur. Should you find an error or omission, we sincerely apologize. Please contact Michel Ellis.
Forsyth Country Day School (FCDS) is a private, college preparatory, independent school for preschool through high school located in Lewisville, NC, just outside of Winston-Salem. Students benefit from a challenging academic curriculum, fine and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.

Non-Discrimination Policy: Forsyth Country Day School is committed to administering all education and employment activities without discrimination based on one’s race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, ability, gender identity, or sexual orientation.