That’s where the Johnson Academic Center comes in.
Helping students achieve their individual potential remains the primary objective of the Johnson Academic Center. This goal is met by providing educational support services during the school day to help students succeed academically.
By serving students in Lower, Middle, and Upper School, the Johnson Academic Center offers the opportunity for students to have continuity in their services or to receive support, should the need arise, at any point during their educational journey at FCDS.
Our quality programs offer remediation of essential skills as well as programs that enrich the academic lives of our students.
Parents and students alike appreciate the extra help and support, our experienced and caring teachers, and the individual attention designed to meet the needs of each student and provide skills and strategies to help students through school and beyond. 
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What Our Parents Say

“I can’t express how thankful and blessed we are to have our son have such an incredible Johnson Academic Center team to work with. Each of you has made learning a joyful experience and something to look forward to. His confidence continues to grow daily as does his smile and success. There are no longer tears at home at the end of the day because of frustration and lack of confidence. Thank you for providing the best education possible for our sweet boy and for ALWAYS believing in him. What an incredible impact you are making in his life and ours.”

“Thank you for always giving my children a voice when they don’t feel the power to do so themselves. Thank you for lifting up my children when they feel overwhelmed and incapable. Thank you for always being there to be an ear for their concerns and worries in ways that I cannot be for them.”

“Perish the thought of where we’d all (and we mean 'we', all of us) be without our Johnson Academic Center educators. Their commitment to our child, passion for their work, and profound expertise are second to none. THANK YOU. Honestly, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. You’ve changed our worlds.”

History of the Johnson Academic Center

The Language Development program began in 1970, the first year that the school was opened. Beginning in 1999, our center grew into The Johnson Academic Center and began offering additional services.

Mrs. Edith Spinks headed the Language Development Department at FCDS, where she taught for 19 years prior to her retirement in 1992. Mrs. Spinks studied under Dr. June Orton in Winston-Salem and taught at the Orton Reading Center at Salem College. She was the past president of the Winston-Salem Learning Disabilities Association and also the founding member of the North Carolina Branch of the Orton Dyslexia Society.


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  • Academic Coaching

    Academic Coaching is designed for students at Forsyth Country Day School who benefit from individual meetings to develop time management and organizational skills in order to be able to complete projects and homework and plan for assignments more independently.

    Yearly Fees for Middle & Upper School Academic Coaching (scheduled per week):
    Daily: $9,420
    3 days per week: $5,430
  • Language Development

    The Language Development program provides an individualized, multidisciplinary, diagnostic-prescriptive program designed to meet the specific needs of each student who has received psychoeducational testing from a licensed educational psychologist that warrants a need for intervention.

    Through a visual, auditory and kinesthetic approach to language, the student's strongest channels of learning are stimulated. The Language Development program centers on the remediation of language skill deficits in order to help the student progress in the classroom.

    The focus of the Language Development sessions is on the remediation of the student's particular weaknesses not on the completion of daily homework assignments. 

    Classroom accommodations that do not fundamentally alter the school's mission will be implemented for each student. Accommodations are also made for a student who is not part of the Language Development program but requires assistance. To assist in future program planning for each student, formal assessments are completed at the end of each school year.

    Yearly Fees for Lower School Language Development:
    Daily: $14,390
    3x per week: $10,690
    Yearly Fees for Middle & Upper School Language Development (scheduled per week):
    Daily: $13,840
    3 days per week: $9,570
  • Speech & Language

    Speech and language intervention is offered at FCDS by CommuniKids, a private practice. They are licensed speech-language pathologists who play an important role in the prevention of literacy problems with the goal of promoting opportunities for success in spoken and written language for children with and without communication disorders.
  • Subject Tutoring

    The Johnson Academic provides individual subject tutoring to FCDS students and students in the community in grades 2-12 in order to enhance instruction in a specific subject. The program is designed to help students remain on top of curriculum materials and projects so they succeed in areas that may be particularly difficult without this additional support.

    $78 per 45-minute session
  • SAT/ACT Test Prep

    This course aims to help students improve their scores in all subject areas through a combination of test taking strategy and content review. Sessions will be tailored to meet the needs of each student. 
  • Summer Learning

    Each summer, the Johnson Academic Center at Forsyth Country Day School features one of the most exciting academic development summer programs in the Winston-Salem area. This summer plan is designed to teach, develop, and enhance each participant's learning style. Click here to learn more. 

Meet Our Team

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  • Megan Newbauer

    Johnson Academic Center
    336-945-3151 ext. 462
  • Tatum Fishel

    Assistant Director
    Johnson Academic Center
    336-945-3151 ext. 497

Johnson Academic Center Hours

Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. 
Friday, 8 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.
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