We believe that technology plays a role in all stages of our lives. At FCDS, technology is used to support the curriculum and is used to create authentic learning environments where students use appropriate tools to support their classwork.
Technology is integrated into the curriculum at all levels through the use of Chromebooks, Smartboards, and iPads coupled with productive and enriching experiences using the latest Web 2.0 applications, iPad educational apps, and interactive lessons. 
In order to expand learning opportunities, each student and faculty member in grades 5 to 12 is provided with a Google Chromebook loaded with Google for Education for their school and personal use.
With a common technology platform, we:
  • Prepare students for 21st-century integration of digital tools
  • Engage in collaborative teaching and learning
  • Access new learning materials and methods
  • Support the school’s global learning initiative
  • Increase student engagement in the learning process by allowing teachers to adapt curricula to make learning more engaging and interactive

Technology Classes
The Upper School offers classes in interactive programming, web design, and AP Computer Science. These courses teach logic and problem solving while also discussing graphics, media types, computer networking, digital storage, hardware, and much more. In our programming classes, students are introduced to elements of the computer sciences while creating challenging simulations and games. AP Computer Science discusses object-oriented programming while learning the Java programming language.  
The Middle School offers technology courses in fifth and sixth grades where keyboarding, 3D design and fabrication skills, programming, and productivity tools all play an important role. The seventh and eighth grade offer an elective course called Digital Design and Programming that further explores programming and design prototyping in the Middle School maker space.
Technology affects every corner of the world in which we live and having a base knowledge of the necessary skills will prove useful to our students today and tomorrow.
    • Chromebooks

Meet Our Team

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  • Keith Wood

    Director of Information Technology 
    336-945-3151 ext. 393 
  • Mark Liberatore

    Systems Administrator
    336-945-3151 ext. 366
  • Mark Snow

    Academic Technology Integration Coordinator 
    Upper School Technology
    Web Content Strategist
    Systems Support Analyst 
    336-945-3151 ext. 354 
  • Marc Winbush

    Technology Support
    Middle School Technology 
    336-945-3151 ext. 541 
  • Harry Windsor

    Help Desk Manager
    Systems Support Specialist
    336-945-3151 ext. 503
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