Furies fight hard in loss to Cary Academy

#1 singles:  Taylor Timinskas def. Taylor Myers 6-1,6-0
#2 singles:  Natalie Timinskas def. Maddie Smith 6-0,6-1
#3 singles:  Chloe Hasund def. Brynna Myers 6-4,6-0
#4 singles:  Alexandra Ellison def. Ash Huggins 6-0,6-0
#5 singles:  Kate Sanchez def. Mary Brooks Hall 6-0,6-0
#6 singles:  Lauren Hsu def. Yu Otaki 6-0,6-1

All 3 doubles matches were cancelled due to inclement weather (lightning) while in progress, with the following roster:
#1 doubles:  Taylor Myers / Brynna Myers vs. Natalie Timinskas / Chloe Hasund
#2 doubles:  Maddie Smith / Mary Brooks Hall vs. Taylor Timinskas / Kate Sanchez
#3 doubles:  Sarah Jin / Maria Grace Etvimov vs. Alexandra Ellison / Lauren Hsu