Parents’ Association Officer Roles and Responsibilities

We thank our parents for their support of our school. We truly appreciate their time, ideas, and energy. Here are the Parents' Association officer roles and responsibilities:
The PA Officers consist of a President, Executive Secretary, Treasurer, as well as a VP for each division. The President and Division VPs attend monthly meetings with the Division Directors, PA Grade Representatives and Division Secretaries. 

The PA Board has twenty-seven voting members consisting of the seven officers and twenty Representatives (one representing each grade and a Preschool Secretary, Lower School Secretary, Middle School Secretary, and Upper School Secretary). The immediate past President and School Liaison shall serve as ex officio members of the Board, but without the right to vote. Committee Chair are encouraged to attend all Parents' Association Board meetings as non-voting members. 

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • President

    • Determines and implements the goals, events, and activities for the school year with input from the Parents' Association Board
    • Presides over all meetings of the Parents' Association and the Parents' Association Board
    • Serves as an ex-officio member of all Parents' Association committees
    • Exercises general supervision and leadership over the affairs of the Parents’ Association
    • Serves as the representative liaison between parents and the Board of Trustees
    • Serves on committees of the Board of Trustees, as assigned
    • Serves as co-chair of the Nominating Committee
    • Supports the various school functions
    • Serves as the communications liaison among parents, faculty, staff, administrators, the Board of Trustees, and the community
  • Division Vice President (PS, LS, MS, US)

    • Acts as an aide to the President 
    • Performs the duties and exercises the powers of the President in the absence of the President 
    • Performs such duties as assigned by the Parents' Association Board
    • Serves on the Nominating Committee
    • Works monthly with with Division Heads to discuss and create agenda for monthly meeting with Grade Representatives
    • Acts a single conduit for Division Head in regard to agenda ideas and suggestions for guest speaker at monthly meetings
    • Works closely with the Grade Representatives to coordinate social activities/events for the division
    • Attends monthly meetings with Division Heads and Grade Representatives.
    • Oversees division level events and activities, including working with Social Committee members and New Family Coordinators
  • Executive Secretary

    • Attends all Parents' Association Officer meetings. Types the minutes shortly after the meeting. Emails the finished minutes to the President for approval. Makes any necessary changes, and then e-mails the minutes to the other Officers.
    • Attends Parents' Association Annual Meeting and PA Board meetings that may occur during the year. Distributes nametags. Takes attendance during the meeting. Types the minutes shortly after the meeting. Lists Board Members in attendance and any others in attendance. Emails the finished minutes to the President for approval. Makes any necessary changes and then e-mails the minutes to the other Officers. Emails the minutes to the President for inclusion on the Parents' Association page in OnCampus. 
    • Maintains records of minutes throughout the year.
  • Treasurer

    • Maintains custody of all funds of the Parents' Association.
    • Keeps an accurate record of receipts and expenditures. Disburses funds of the Association.
    • Works with the President to create an annual budget for the Parents' Association.
    • Presents the budget to the Parents' Association Board for approval.
    • Provides the approved budget to the FCDS Business Office.
    • Obtains/monitors monthly income statements and balance sheets from the FCDS Business Office.
    • Assists President in collection and distribution of Holiday Fund.
  • Grade Representatives

    • Attends monthly meetings with Division VPs and Division Directors. 
    • After meetings, sends monthly emails to parents of respective grades with important updates, reminders, and key dates, with guidance from Division VPs.
    • Serves as liaison between parents of respective grades and PA Officers and Board. 
    • Helps to recruit volunteers from respective grades for events (e.g. class parents for LS) and helps to organize grade-specific events (e.g. graduation and moving up events/receptions, year-end parties)
  • Division Secretaries

    • Attend all Division meetings.
    • Take minutes at Division meetings.
    • Email minutes for approval to Division VPs, Division Directors, and PA President.
  • Committee Positions

    • Wonderful Wednesday Committee
      • Plan monthly staff appreciation events (lunch, snacks, treats, etc.) 
      • Coordinate planning, delivery, and distribution of food or other items with administration.
    • Music on the Lawn
      • Plan all-school outdoor community festivals (food trucks, band/DJ) in early Fall and late Spring
    • Social Events Committee (4 - 1 per division)
      • Plan division events for community building and social opportunities.
    • Book Fair
      • Assist library with volunteer scheduling for regular help as well as volunteer scheduling for Book Fair 
    • Field Day (PS/LS)
      • Work with PE department to recruit volunteers
    • Teacher Appreciation Week
      • Plan lunch (food truck) for faculty in May.
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