Furies lose in NCISAA Quarterfinals

Julia Kincaid and Coach Harold Moore

Match Results

Match Name Name Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
1 Singles Sunna Maass (So.)Forsyth Country Day (Lewisville, NC) Def. Owen Soccorso (Jr.)Asheville School (Independent) (Asheville, NC) 6-1 5-1
2 Singles Brynna Myers (Sr.)Forsyth Country Day (Lewisville, NC) Tie Gracey Abernathy (Jr.)Asheville School (Independent) (Asheville, NC) 0-6 6-5
3 Singles Katherine Chay (Sr.)Asheville School (Independent) (Asheville, NC) Def. Julia Kincaid (Jr.)Forsyth Country Day (Lewisville, NC) 2-6 6-3 0-0 (10-4)
4 Singles Selia Morgan (Jr.)Asheville School (Independent) (Asheville, NC) Def. Mary Brooks Hall (Jr.)Forsyth Country Day (Lewisville, NC) 6-1 6-4
5 Singles Constanza Gonzalez Gerard (Jr.)Asheville School (Independent) (Asheville, NC) Def. Louise King (So.)Forsyth Country Day (Lewisville, NC) 3-6 6-1 0-0 (4-2)
6 Singles Addison Winter (Fr.)Forsyth Country Day (Lewisville, NC) Def. Natasha Van Niekerk (Jr.)Asheville School (Independent) (Asheville, NC) 6-4 4-3
1 Doubles Owen Soccorso (Jr.) &Katherine Chay (Sr.)Asheville School (Independent) (Asheville, NC) Def. Sunna Maass (So.) &Julia Kincaid (Jr.)Forsyth Country Day (Lewisville, NC) 8-6
2 Doubles Gracey Abernathy (Jr.) &Selia Morgan (Jr.)Asheville School (Independent) (Asheville, NC) Def. Brynna Myers (Sr.) &Mary Brooks Hall (Jr.)Forsyth Country Day (Lewisville, NC) 8-6
3 Doubles Constanza Gonzalez Gerard (Jr.) &Bailey Groh (Sr.)Asheville School (Independent) (Asheville, NC) Def. Louise King (So.) &Addison Winter (Fr.)Forsyth Country Day (Lewisville, NC) 9-8 (7-4)
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