Support Our Faculty

Invest in those investing in our children! 
The FCDS auction raises funds for our teachers to have amazing professional development experiences! The funds raised have been used to support teacher participation at conferences, on-site consultation, on-site coaching, supplies related to new teaching innovations, and the development of the FCDS character program that is integrated throughout the school (preschool-12th grade). These professional development funds have been integral in our effort to support students at all levels. 

On-site professional development comprised the majority of our activities, which was needed to address the specific needs of teachers within the direct context of FCDS. While off-site professional development is valuable, and often necessary, there is no substitution for on-site professional development that is built around the specific needs and context of FCDS. On-site professional development consisted of expert consultations in math, professional growth, and literacy; and coaching in math and literacy in Lower and Middle Schools. These on-site opportunities have resulted in gains in ERB scores, more refined math placement of students in Middle School, and a framework for professional growth that is currently being reviewed by our Professional Growth Task Force.
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Thank You from an FCDS Teacher

"Thank you to all the families that support the FCDS Auction. As a teacher that has been a recipient, I cannot express how valuable these funds are for our professional growth! Attending Columbia University's Teachers College Reading Writing Project was a dream of mine for 10 years. Last summer my dream came true! A very warm thank you to everyone that invests in the educators at FCDS. It helps us to be the VERY BEST for your children." - Happy Bell-Wiatrek, First Grade Teacher