Furies End Season with Tough Loss to Greensboro Day


#1:  Carolina Williams (GDS) def. Taylor Myers (FCDS) 6-0,6-1
#2:  Kendall Parr (GDS) def. Maddie Smith (FCDS) 6-0,6-2
#3:  Tenley Parr (GDS) def. Ash Huggins (FCDS) 6-0,6-0
#4:  Clarke Phillips (GDS) def. Mary Brooks Hall (FCDS) 6-0,6-0
#5:  Lauren Whitley (GDS) def. Yu Otaki (FCDS) 6-2,6-3
#6:  Olivia Shoener (GDS) def. Maria Grace Evtimov (FCDS) [score missing]


#1:  Williams/K.Parr (GDS) def. Myers/Evtimov (FCDS) 8-0
#2:  T.Parr/Shoener (GDS) def. Smith/Huggins (FCDS) 8-4
#3:  Phillips/Whitley (GDS) def. Otaki/Sarah Jin (FCDS) 8-1

Exhibition doubles:  Mary Brooks Hall/Ashley Williams (FCDS) led GDS [player names missing] 7-2 when match halted