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Furies Suffer Deja Vu in Tough Loss to Wesleyan Christian Academy


#1:  Brinkley Bell (WCA) def. Taylor Myers (FCDS) 6-0,6-0
#2:  Raegan Isenhour (WCA) def. Maddie Smith (FCDS) 6-0,6-4
#3:  MacLean Redmond (WCA) def. Ash Huggins (FCDS) 6-1,6-1
#4:  Samantha Tilley (WCA) def. Mary Brooks Hall (FCDS) 6-0,6-3
#5:  Sara Beth Bulla (WCA) def. Yu Otaki (FCDS) 6-1,6-3
#6:  Tatum Davis (WCA) def. Maria Grace Evtimov (FCDS) 6-2,6-2


#1:  Bell/Isenhour (WCA) def. Smith/Huggins (FCDS) 8-1
#2:  Redmond/Tilley (WCA) def. Myers/Evtimov (FCDS) 8-6
#3:  Bulla/Katie Bullins (WCA) def. Otaki/Sarah Jin (FCDS) 8-1

Exhibition Matches:

Kate Bullins (WCA) def. Ashley Parsons (FCDS) 8-2
Lauren Hale (WCA) def. Miranda Wang (FCDS) 8-5
Lauren Hale/Gracie LeFever (WCA) def. Jin/Merle Speicher (FCDS) 9-7
Parsons/Hall (FCDS) def. Davis Phelphs/Lauren Brodner (WCA) 9-8(6)
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