Scoreline Doesn't Reflect Some Close Sets in Hard-Fought Fury Loss to Gaston Christian

Singles Results:

#1:  Meredith McGraw (GC) def. Maddie Smith (FCDS) 6-1,6-2
#2:  Jivala Chitv (GC) def. Taylor Myers (FCDS) 7-5,6-1
#3:  Brynna Myers (FCDS) def. Meredith Wirth (GC) 6-2,6-1
#4:  Lily McCullogh (GC) def. Ash Huggins (FCDS) 6-3,6-7(4),10-7
#5:  Lillian Barrett (GC) def. Mary Brooks Hall (FCDS) 6-0,6-0
#6:  Madeline (GC) def. Yu Otaki (FCDS) 7-6,6-1

Doubles Results:

#1:  McGraw/Chitv (GC) def. Smith/Myers (FCDS) 8-1
#2:  Wirth/Barrett (GC) def. T.Myers/Hall (FCDS) 9-7
#3:  Meghan Givan/Maddie Tosteich (GC) def. Sarah Jin/Maria Grace Evtomov (FCDS) 8-5

Forsyth Country Day School (FCDS) is a private, college preparatory, independent school for preschool through high school located in Lewisville, NC, just outside of Winston-Salem. Students benefit from a challenging academic curriculum, fine and performing arts, competitive athletics, and a wide selection of extracurricular activities.