Middle School Exploration Day - Jan. 22

Students in grades 4-7 are invited to spend an exciting day of hands-on learning at FCDS. 

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Many parents are looking for a true educational experience for their children ages 2 to 4. They want their children exposed to reading, math, science, art, conversational Spanish, music, and physical activity.
Of course, they also want them to play, make friends, and be encouraged and excited to learn.
If you’re looking for an all-day, year-round educational environment for your child, then our Preschool may just be your answer.
Our Preschool offers a unique opportunity for our youngest learners. This robust year-round experience is designed to prepare students cognitively, socially, and physically for an effortless transition to kindergarten and beyond.
By focusing on the development of skills necessary for success in our kindergarten program, students build foundational knowledge in literacy, mathematics, phonemic awareness, science, and communication.
The all-day schedule still leaves time for play and exploration—in a warm and caring environment.

Meet Our Team

Dennis Moser
336-945-3151 ext. 326

Megan Newbauer
Administrative Assistant
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