Our global studies program allows our students to coexist, interact, and build meaningful relationships both with individuals and with other nations more broadly.
As we prepare the next generation of leaders, their understanding of global contexts, cultures, and international frameworks will be a crucial asset for their success and for the collective benefit of our world's future.
Our program ensures that our students develop a broad background and a respect and understanding for the rich diversity and complexity of our world.

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  • K-6 Global Studies Program

    Our Lower School program provides a cross-cultural exploration of various regions, states, countries, and continents to give students a broad background in and respect for the diversity and complexity of our world.
    Each year, students in K-6 study different continents and cultures – as near as the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina as a far away as New Zealand. The geographic areas of focus are:
    • Kindergarten – North American (Piedmont Triad)
    • First grade – Asia (Thailand and India)
    • Second grade – Europe (Germany and Greece)
    • Third grade – North America (Mexico and Canada)
    • Fourth grade – Africa (Uganda and Equatorial Guinea)
    • Fifth grade – South America (Argentina)
    • Sixth grade – Oceania (New Zealand)
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  • Discovery Week Program – Travel Opportunities

    Learning is not confined to classrooms. The Discovery Week Program offers our Middle and Upper School students the option to experience trips focused upon various outcomes and experiences including:
    • Cultural exposure
    • Community service
    • Physical activity
  • International Students

    We have opened our doors in the Upper School to 21 international students from five different countries: China, Korea, Croatia, Holland, and Germany. As they learn about our culture, we encourage them to teach us about theirs in events such as the student and host family potluck dinner and the International Festival. The diversity that these students bring to our campus helps our students look beyond their own borders.

Meet Our Team

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  • Frank Brown

    Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Outreach
    336-945-3151 ext. 340
  • Rebecca McKee

    International Student Coordinator
    336-945-3151 ext. 351
  • Tamara Harrington

    Discovery Week Coordinator
    336-945-3151 ext. 521