Collaboration. Creativity. Risk taking. Perseverance.

Entrepreneurship provides your child with the opportunity to develop these core skills and more. We believe these skills are increasingly essential for students to prepare for what's ahead.

Business & Leadership skills gained:

  • Business knowledge:
    - Basic economic concepts
    - Financial literacy
    - Research skills
    - Market analysis
  • Hands-on active learning
  • Creative process navigation
  • Opportunities to meet needs and face problems through collaboration
  • Idea generation and development
  • Teamwork
  • Storytelling and communication skills
  • Leadership and presentation skills
  • Opportunities to fail and persevere
See how our students put these skills into action.
Thanks to Ben Merrick '17 for creating these videos.

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  • Business & Entrepreneurship class

    Students grow their entrepreneurial skills and mindset while helping real startups and businesses in our Business & Entrepreneurship class.

    This full-year survey of business and entrepreneurship provides an introduction to business creation, management, finance, marketing, sales, and human resources. Students are exposed to the theoretical underpinnings of the business world while engaging with experienced practitioners in various areas of industry.

    Additionally, working in small groups, students implement the concepts learned through the development of two different business plans - one for a new for-profit business venture and one for a non-profit social venture. These plans are adjudicated by local business and non-profit experts.
"I was excited to gain real-world experience in my Business & Entrepreneurship class. We helped real businesses with real problems, presented solutions to these businesses, and learned to work in teams. I'm looking forward to using those skills in college and beyond.” – Brandon '17
Local businesses we’ve helped:
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Did You Know?

According to dealsunny.com, there are more than 400 million entrepreneurs around the world. That means every 1 in 18 people owns a business.
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